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May. 3, 2022

Watch Rob Halford and Alice Cooper join forces to jam The Doors’ Roadhouse Blues at CoopStock 2

via Loudersound

Judas Priest’s Rob Halford, Alice Cooper, Creed’s Scott Stapp and comedian Larry the Cable Guy cover The Doors’ Roadhouse Blues at Alice’s CoopStock 2 festival.

Judas Priest’s Rob HalfordAlice Cooper and Creed’s Scott Stapp shared a stage at the weekend to perform a live cover of The Doors’ 1970 track Roadhouse Blues.

The three vocalists were joined by American comedian Larry the Cable Guy, who performed alongside the rockers at Alice Cooper’s CoopStock 2, a festival at Las Sendas Golf Club in Mesa, Arizona which was held to raise money for the shock rocker’s charity Solid Rock Foundation. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Solid Rock Teen Centers in Mesa and Phoenix.

CoopStock 2 featured a silent auction, food trucks, and live entertainment with additional appearances from a selection of musicians and comedians, Collective Soul’s Ed Roland, R.E.M’s Mike Mills, Chicago’s Danny Seraphine, Gary Mule and No Doubt’s Adrian Young, among others.

According to the organisation’s website, “Solid Rock provides the music, arts, vocational programs and fellowship that challenge teens to discover their passion through music, dance, video and sound production, self-expression, and creativity.”

Built in partnership with Genesis Church and Cooper’s Solid Rock Foundation, the Phoenix-located Rock Teen Center was constructed in 2012, with their primary mission to offer young people the opportunity to express their creativity while staying off the streets.

The Mesa centre opened last year, and is comprised of more than 11,000 square feet of space in partnership with Mesa Public Schools.

“Every kid out here has got talent. Somewhere in you, there’s a talent that you want to get out” says Alice. “We invite you to come in and find your talent. It might not be music. It might be art. It might be dance. Whatever it is, you can discover it at Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Teen Centers.”

In a recent interview with Business Jet Traveler, the musician revealed what prompted him to start the Solid Rock Foundation in 1995.

“I saw a very awkward drug deal go down between two 16-year-old kids, and it came to me: How does that kid not know he could be the best guitar player in town? Because he never picked up a guitar” he says.

“The other kid could be the best drummer. Solid Rock provides these kids a place to change their life. One of our first success stories was Jordin Sparks, who won American Idol. She started with us when she was 14. It just shows the other kids you can start from nothing and become something really important.”