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Apr. 3, 2023

Musicians Predict The 2023 Baseball Season

Alice Cooper
Detroit Tigers

What’s your prognosis for the season?
I’m so used to the Tigers sweeping out the cellar. I think maybe the Lions have given them a little bit of a push, saying, ‘Hey, we just finished the season winning eight out of 10. Why don’t you guys finish second or third, or even first? Be the surprise team!’

What are your reasonable hopes?
My reasonable hope is that they do that. I’m a Tigers fan and have been a Tigers fan all my life. Of course,  living in Arizona, I would love to see the Diamondbacks do well. I wouldn’t know who to go for in the Diamondbacks/Tigers World Series, but then I don’t think I have to worry about that!

What’s your World Series prediction?
I’m putting one dollar to win a million and I’ll say Kansas City for the American League. And I’ll pick somebody that has no chance at all … Cincinnati. Hey, look, at the beginning of the Super Bowl, I said Kansas City 38, Eagles 35. So don’t laugh at my predictions. Or, I’m going to say St. Louis and Boston. Now, if that ends up being the World Series, you’re going to think I’m a genius. And if it isn’t, you already know I’m an idiot. So I can’t lose.