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Sep. 28, 2023

Music Review: Alice Cooper – Road

Via Herald Standard

He first eagerly welcomed us to his nightmare back in 1975. Now, Alice Cooper offers his fans a glimpse of life on the road with his latest release simply titled “Road.”

“I’m Alice” kicks things off with an informal introduction from the master of ceremonies about what he has been doing for over the last 50 years as Cooper announces, “I accept your adoration and I revel in your fear/But it’s your imagination that has brought you here/So here’s the revelation and let me make it clear/That I am your creation and now I disappear.”

“Welcome to the Show” illustrates the transformation of Vincent Damon Furnier from the Motor City into the Godfather of Shock Rock when declaring, “You know the act, you know the dream/You know exactly when to scream.”

I’ve personally witnessed at least seven Cooper concerts and can testify to the superb showmanship displayed during each exhilarating performance. The 75-year-old Cooper still sounds as sinister as ever and his band is spectacular as always.

The new recording is filled with plenty of hard-driving rock that features Cooper’s tongue-in-cheek wit on tracks like “Dead Don’t Dance,” “Go Away,” “White Line Frankenstein” and “Big Boots.”

“Rules of the Road” outlines the ingredients for becoming a frontman that include finding a killer band and paying your dues because you only get one shot to become a star in a short amount of time.

“100 More Miles” documents the physical and emotional demands associated with constant touring as Cooper confesses, “I’m ragged and I’m tired/I’m shaking because I’m wired/Just finished up the final show/It’s really strange to me/I’ve got no place at all to be.”

The set comes full circle with Cooper covering “Magic Bus.” The Pete Townshend-penned number is a great way to close things out with a touch of nostalgia.

Cooper’s colorful career has always been about the show. Fortunately, it seems like he still possesses the desire to thrill audiences all around the world when proclaiming, “Another day, another night/Another month, another year/You know that rock will never die/As long as we don’t disappear.”

We know the act. We know the dream. And we certainly know when to scream. Welcome once again to another entertaining show.