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Jul. 15, 2020

Alice Cooper Says Racist Police in America Need To Be “Weeded Out”

via NME

“I guarantee you that five percent of the police force in every city have got a racial problem”

Alice Cooper has discussed the Black Lives Matter movement and police reform in a new interview.

Speaking to Hawaii Public Radio, Cooper stated that he believes that racist police in America need to be “weeded out”.

Discussing the violent protests of the 1960s and civil rights marches, Cooper said: “Well, isn’t it amazing that that was 50, 60 years ago, or something like that, and we’re still dealing with the same problem?

“You would have thought that that solved the problem. But there’s always that five percent of people that are racist.

“To be honest with you, I know a lot of cops,” he added. “I don’t know one racist cop. But I guarantee you that five percent of the police force in every city have got a racial problem. And those are the guys that get all the headlines, because they do all the stupid things.”

Cooper continued: “I think we have to look at that like almost in everything. Five percent of the Muslim population — maybe five percent — back ISIS.

“The rest of ’em are just like we are. If you put a Muslim family with an American family, they’d have a barbecue and they wouldn’t be even talking about politics, but there’s always that five percent that will upset the entire world.

“And I think that’s our problem with the police department. You don’t have a full police department of racists in there; you have maybe a small percentage, and those are the guys that need to be weeded out. I can’t see why we don’t spend the money on getting a committee in every city to weed out the bad guys.”

His comments follow the death of George Floyd, whose death in police custody earlier this year sparked protests across the globe.

Back in May, Alice Cooper released stirring new song ‘Don’t Give Up’, written to encourage fans to “keep our heads up” during the coronavirus crisis.

This week, it was revealed that Cooper is to release his own brand of chocolate milk, with all proceeds going to Solid Rock, Alice Cooper’s non-profit organization.