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Oct. 10, 2018

For Alice Cooper, comedy and horror go hand in hand

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For much of the 1970s, Alice Cooper arguably could have held the title of “Scariest Man in America.” But a performer who brings a prop guillotine onto his stage show should be proof enough of the rocker’s bonafides on the matter of artistry.

Perhaps even more noteworthy is Cooper’s popularity as a showman spanning nearly five decades. This November will mark the 48th anniversary of the release of his breakthrough single, 1970’s “I’m Eighteen,” with the now-septuagenarian continuing to stick his head between the stocks of that guillotine to the cheers of his multigenerational crowd of fans. On Monday, Oct. 8, he will bring a Paranormal Evening with Alice Cooper to downtown Raleigh’s Memorial Auditorium. Featuring a setlist of 20-plus songs spanning the entirety of the rocker’s career, it’s the perfect concert to usher in the Halloween season.

We talked to Cooper before his upcoming appearance about his career, including the controversies that came along with it, as well as the later generations of “shock rockers” who came afterward. We also touch on a sport that has become nearly as synonymous with Cooper’s name as stage blood in recent years.

Q: So what exactly does spending a paranormal evening with Alice Cooper entail?

A: If you’ve ever seen an Alice Cooper performance, you know what this show should be an all-out production, with all of the hits being played, and with every single song having some sort of theatrical device to it. Nobody does it the way we do it, and I probably have the best touring band out there of anybody. You’ll remember the music more clearly than the theatrics at the end of the night, and we don’t give the audience a chance to catch their breath, as — once the show starts — it’s just a total assault. I’ve never gotten better reviews for a tour in my career than this one, and I’m just very proud of the band and the production.

Read the full interview HERE